Money Transfer Service By OMT & WU

With OMT Intra, transferring money has never been easier.

The local money transfer service available across all OMT locations in Lebanon offers you the possibility to send and receive money without the need to have a bank account.
OMT INTRA is a safe and secure way to move money in Lebanon, whether you wish to support a family member who lives far from you, assist in their education fees, or if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, or send money for a friend or entrepreneur.
Reliable and convenient, this instant money transfer service is available for both Lebanese citizens and residents of legal age. (Terms and conditions apply)
Send money in LBP or USD to have it collected in cash within minutes from any OMT location in Lebanon. Learn more on how to transfer money with OMT Intra in the sections below.

Western Union International Money Transfer

Send & receive money worldwide with OMT | Western Union money transfer service.

Accredited Agent of Western Union in Lebanon, OMT brings your loved ones Next to You, by providing International Money Transfer service through more than 1000 locations across Lebanon.